K-Pick Warehouse Picking Solution

The most efficient and flexible warehouse picking and fulfilment system.

The most efficient and flexible picking system

A 750%+ productivity increase by implementing Keymas' K-Pick System with the added benefit of increased accuracy and accountability of operators using the system.

Picking and Movement

The K-Pick system is made up of two key Keymas systems. K-Store warehouse management system and K-Move conveyors and automation. Using both of these together creates a powerful warehouse solution of a picking system that drastically improves warehouse efficiency.


Conveyors to automate picking Instead of having pickers walk to all the places to pick from, a more efficient route is to have the boxes or totes taken to the pickers. Who work in zones and pick the items. This limits wasted walking time and allows the conveyor to distribute the picks to the most optimum route.

  • Keeping the pickers in ONE designated area.
  • Pickers time is picking not walking.
  • During times of less orders one picker can look after two or more zones.
  • During times of increased orders more pickers can be introduced into the system.

Box conveyor
Scanners. Using barcode technology with warehouse software

Arm wearable terminals with finger scanners leaves the pickers hands FREE to pick the actual product without worrying about the scanner gun

  • Tells the picker which item to pick
  • Tells the picker the number of items to pick
  • Putaway, replenishment and stock checking operations

"One Keymas customer went from a system with 18 pickers picking 10,000 goods per shift, to one using 14 pickers to pick 30,000+ goods per shift. A 750%+ increase in productivity! Management had the foresight to implement a new warehouse regime that exponentially increased overall productivity."
Print apply
Print and apply

Automatically applies unique routing barcode

  • The printed label automatically associates an order reference with unique box
  • No need for manual intervention
  • Only printed when required by the system
  • Enables full track and trace of orders in the warehouse

Automatic document Drop
Pick list/Despatch list

A pick list is automatically printed and dropped into the box

or a picked list printed and dropped into the box after picks are complete

Saves manual labour placing doucments into boxes

Document drop
Quality Control and Quality Assurance

The system automatically carries out quality checks on an order prior to despatch

  • Checks number of items picked and cumulative weight to ensure correct order fulfilment
  • Prevents incorrect order being dispatched
  • Can be used to carry out quality checks on picked orders
  • Measures picker accuracy

Despatch print and apply

  • Automatically prints and applies dispatch label containing all the delivery information
  • By scanning the boxes unique routing barcode, the system accesses the order database and automatically prints and applies the delivery label
  • Saves time and manual labour
  • Increases delivery accuracy
  • Prevents delivery inaccuracy such as human error

Print and apply
Automatic taper and strapper
Despatch sortation
Despatch sortation

  • Sorting into despatch lanes ready to be scanned and loaded onto pallets
  • Increases delivery accuracy and traceability
  • Saves time in manual sorting

Integration with your business system

The K-Pick system can be integrated with many different business and accounts systems. Feeding back the fulfilment information.

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