Automatic Document Drop (ADD)

Automatically put a document into a box

Within any warehouse – picking environment whether manual or fully automatic, one process is usually required – that of making sure some form of documentation, either picked documents sales promotion or just simple despatch notes have been placed into the individual box.

This process can be a potential lengthy operation involving warehouse personnel and if the documents are missed this could prevent sales literature getting to potential customers or even box contents confirmation or invoices not getting to the correct clients.

Keymas K-ADD, Automatic Document Drop, offers a solution to this potential missed process.

Automated document drop

Document drop

As a unique designed self contained unit, it can be installed as part of a complete Keymas designed warehouse system, or integrated into an existing conveyor system, either way K-ADD offers a unique opportunity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the need to make sure any of these required documents are placed into the appropriate box.

This process is totally automated again offering reduced costs while increasing efficiency, accuracy and providing if required full reports on number of boxes – documents dropped into box, time and date stamped – providing an effective management tool which actually reduces the costs of this operation.

K-ADD can be instigated either at the start of a warehouse picking process – giving the required documents for the picking process within a manual pick operation or confirmation / back up picking note within a wireless based picking process.

Alternatively the document drop process could be at the end of the picking operation when a truly accurate Despatch document could be both pressed printed and dropped into the appropriate box.
The actual document could be a full order confirmation with the contents of the box highlighted while the items which may be contained in others boxes grey’d out.

Or individual box contents printed on the individual printed sheets dropped not the individual boxes.

kadd drawing

Benefits of using the K-ADD

Increase efficiency / Lower labour costs No manual operation needed to place the doucments into the case/box
Accuracy Correct documents are placed into the box
Data/Reporting Reports and analysis can be carried out with the data

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