Pallet Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor

Modern Fulfilment solutions often require the use of Bulk storage in the form of Pallet Racking – these can also incorporates automatic pallet movement in the form of pallet conveyor and or pallet Auto cars. Submit a pallet conveyor enquiry now.

Pallet Conveyor

The efficient use of logistical movement of pallets within a modern warehouse often calls for a complete integrated solution ranging from simple pallet conveyor – turntables, transfers etc to fully automatic cars as well as manual pallet cars.

This is an area where Keymas has extensive experience in the design – implementation of such systems. With the manufacture of specialised pallet logistical equipment within the Keymas organisation it means that we can offer economic solutions to these logistical requirements.

We can supply:

Unpowered Roller Conveyors

This is the lowest cost option, where practicable to any proposed pallet installation. Full width or split roller combinations, with accessories as standard that ensure loads are at all time under braked control. Separators that allow pallet to be removed without backpressure are just one of the standard options available from our range.

Zero Pressure Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

This is achieved by making stationary an individual zone of conveyor that the pallet sits. To achieve this a motor is fitted to each of the areas that accumulation is require and its position is detected simply by photocell.
Simplicity in the making. NO clutches or disengagements of drives etc.

Twin or Triple Strand Chain Conveyor

These conveyors offer long distance straight-line transportation for pallets that may not travel comfortably on rollers. The conveyors can also be supplied in modules to create accumulation. Chain conveyors are almost silent in operation and can butt-up and transfer to other pallet modules, allowing changes in direction to be made.

Transfer and Directional Change Devices

The Keymas range contains as standard many different types; chain, roller, turntable, transfer cars and swivel units.

Vertical Elevators

Keymas supply both elevators and lowerators, either for single load or of the continuous type.

With over 25 years in pallet and conveyor systems Keymas can offer you the expertise you need in getting the most out of your pallet conveyor system.

Our pallet conveyors are made for Heavy duty conveyor roles using heavy duty gauge steel sections.


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