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Our specialist skilled software engineers have the skills and knowledge to create a bespoke PLC control system for your business. Simply get in touch, let us know your requirements and we will get to work on developing a PLC system within your time and budget constraints.

Over the years, Keymas has worked on a number of different PLC control systems projects, for businesses ranging from large to small. Our experience in designing and implementing PLC control systems, coupled with our customer-driven work ethic makes us the perfect company to carry out your work.

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About PLC Control

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get everything under control with just a click of a button? Well thanks to PLC control systems, this is entirely possible.

Programmable logic controllers (often shortened to PLC) are digital computers that are designed to automate processes and control machinery. They contain a microprocessor, which is programmed using computer language known as Ladder Logic. This language is written on a computer and downloaded to the PLC system via cable.

PLC control

Advantages of a PLC control system

Flexibility – One of the main advantages of installing a PLC control system in your warehouse is that it offers great flexibility. It can be used to control a wide range of machinery and adapted to meet your needs and requirements.

Easy to correct errors – If you are having problems with your warehousing equipment, you will simply be able to correct the errors using your PLC control system. All you need to do is retype the logic! It’s quick and cost effective.

Space efficient – Seeing as Programmable Logic Control systems allow you to control all of your machinery from a single panel, they help to save a significant amount of space in your warehouse.

Low cost – PLC control systems vary in price, depending on their design and the amount of memory you require to control all of your warehousing equipment. Whilst you can easy spend a few thousand pounds on a PLC control system, it still works out much more cost effective than installing coils and timers for all of your machinery. Even with the cost of installation on top, you will find still find it is the most cost effective option.

Testing – Programmable Logic Control systems can be tested and evaluated before being installed. This can save a significant time of time and money, as it ensures any kinks are ironed out prior to installation.


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