Spiral Incline and Decline Vertical Conveyors

Spiral / vertical conveyors offer some advantages over traditional belt conveyor systems. They’re space saving and great for the merging and accumulation of products.

Sprial conveyorSpace saving
A spiral incline and decline conveyor occupies less floor space than a traditional belt conveyor, whilst performing the same function. Where warehouse floor space is limited or expensive this can provide tangible cost savings for your business.

Merging of products on multiple levels during the picking process into a single line for packing is an important benefit of incline and decline spiral conveyors.


Accumulation of products prior to processing or packaging is also possible with an accumulating spiral incline and decline conveyor. The conveyor can hold products in distinct, independently controlled zones; allowing buffering between different processes and making optimum use of warehouse floor space.

There are various types of spiral incline and decline conveyors to meet your warehouse needs:

Continuous chain-slat spiral incline and decline conveyor – A continuous chain-slat controlled by one drive unit. The conveyor is easily installed and operated and provides a dependable method of transporting goods from one level to the next within the warehouse.

Helix belt spiral incline and decline conveyor – The dependability of the simpler continuous chain-slat conveyor, with an additional accumulation feature. Comprised of 90 and 180 degree conveyor sections belted together. Each piece has an independent drive, facilitating the addition of photo eyes for product accumulation.

Duel lane spiral incline and decline conveyor – This allows more than one product line to be elevated, whilst attached to a singular central column, a cost and space saving solution.

Spiral incline and decline conveyor with multiple merge points – Merged onto and off the spiral conveyor. Goods picked from various levels and transported to another level for sorting and packing. Perfect for the pick module process.

Spiral chutes – Ideal for the shipping area of your warehouse. Goods are fed into the shipping dock area via gravity aided shutes. The decline of the shutes must allow for optimum propulsion, avoiding bottlenecks and too rapid descent.

When planning a spiral incline and decline conveyor there are different in and out configurations to meet your specific needs. Keymas can help you decide on the best configuration for your operation.

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