K-Pick Warehouse Picking System

K-Pick is a solution developed to drastically improve picking rates, pick accuracy and throughput for your warehouse. In the fast paced world of same day delivery and online ordering Keymas’s K-Pick has enabled companies to grow pick rates and accuracy with less manual labour and less time wasted in walking and manual tasks around the warehouse.

Picking timeWithout a K-Pick system, statistical Analysis from national and international studies have shown that an average picker’s time is split as :-


A 750%+ productivity increase by implementing Keymas’ K-Pick System can be achieved with the added benefit of increased accuracy and accountability of staff using the system.

WMS picking

The K-Pick system is made up of two key Keymas systems. K-Store warehouse management system and K-Move conveyors and automation. Using both of these together creates a powerful warehouse picking system that creates a picking system that can drastically improve warehouse operations.

Conveyors to automate picking

Instead of having pickers walk to all the places to pick from, a more efficient route is to have the boxes or totes taken to the pickers. Who work in zones and pick the items. This limits wasted walking time and allows the conveyor to distribute the picks to the most optimum route.

This solution is Keymas K-Pick, a zonal picking solution that is built for companies looking to cut down on wasted walking time or for splitting orders into dispatch lanes for delivery.

Areas where K-Pick brings ROI

  • 50%
    System directed and transported putaway and picking reduces travel significantly. Over 50% savings in travelling time
  • Growth
    Improved order fulfilment rates
  • Computer
    Data entry mistakes are cut from 1 in 300 from a good data entry operator to less than 1 in 3 million using barcode scanning
  • Savings
    Labour savings through operation inefficiencies
  • Tracking
    Improves tracability and tracking

Although various case studies have shown that activities other than travel may substantially contribute to order-picking time, travel is often the dominant component, and as such should be considered as the first candidate when efficiency improvement is being looked at.

Having the picked box taken away from the picker as soon as its picked, i.e. via a conveyor system, OR utilising a volumetric algorithm within K-Store module to allow the picker to place the item/items straight into the out case / transportation box, and then have the conveyor take these away from the picker to enable them to continue to pick without having to walk to the packing / checking area.

Components in the K-Pick system

Pick routing optimises the loading within the warehouse

RoutingPick Routing

  • Automatically distributes orders throughout the warehouse in order to optimise picker efficiencies
  • The system scans the barcode then distributes to picking stations throughout the warehouse thereby balancing the picking operation
  • Automatically balances the pick operation
  • Optimises picker time
  • Minimises picker walking time


  • Arm wearable terminals with finger scanners leaves the pickers hands FREE to pick the actual product without worrying about the scanner gun
  • Tells the picker which item to pick
  • Tells the picker the number of items to pick
  • Putaway, replenishment and stock checking operations
Print and apply
Print and apply

  • Automatically applies unique routing barcode
  • The printed label automatically associates an order reference with unique box
  • No need for manual intervention
  • Only printed when required by the system
  • Enables full track and trace of orders in the warehouse

Automatic document feed/Pick list
Document feed

  • A pick list is automatically printed and dropped into the box
Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Quality control

  • The system automatically carries out quality checks on an order prior to despatch
  • Checks number of items picked and cumulative weight to ensure correct order fulfillment
  • Prevents incorrect order being dispatched
  • Can be used to carry out quality checks on picked orders
  • Measures picker accuracy
Despatch print and apply
Print Apply

  • Automatically prints and applies dispatch label containing all the delivery information
  • By scanning the boxes unique routing barcode, the system accesses the order database and automatically prints and applies the delivery label
  • Saves time
  • Increases delivery accuracy
  • Prevents delivery inaccuracy such as human error
Despatch sorting

  • Sorting into despatch lanes ready to be scanned and loaded onto pallets
  • Saves time
  • Increases delivery accuracy and traceability

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