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Gravity Roller and Skate Wheel Conveyor is the most economical and simplest way of transferring loads from one point to another. Gravity Roller Conveyor suits flat load and can be installed horizontally wherever movement of the load is by manual effort. Conveyor can be installed with a shallow decline to allow loads to be moved under the force of gravity. View our case studies or contact us

Gravity conveyor from Keymas

Modular Conveyors allow flexibility

Keymas Ltd Conveyors are supplied in modular form. This means they are simple to install, and simple to reinstall and therefore can adapt to your changing production requirements.

Gravity Roller conveyors as its name implies, any resistance by friction will effect the free movement of goods and this can be the result of a number of conditions. One is the type of load and the other is the bearing used to suit the load capacity. Considering first the load condition, it is essential that the base of the load is flat and firm without projections. Its weight must be catered for by the correct calculation for bearing capacity. The bearing utilised is of a semi- precision design and whose running clearance gives free rotation.

Skate wheel conveyor is designed with performance and cost saving in mind. The smooth clean framework of this aesthetically pleasing conveyor, will not only save space but will not look out of place in the office, factory, or despatch environments.

The free running characteristics of Skate wheel conveyor minimises the angle of decline making optimum use of space. Skate wheel conveyor is ideal for live storage applications.

Users should note that it is easy to fall into the trap that gravity is free and where it is intrinsic part of a scheme that manual movement is kept to a minimum, either the use of powered roller or a combination of part gravity and powered roller should be considered to give a guarantee of efficient operation.

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